Yusra Khogali Added to “Contemporary Griot” Film Series

Spoken word artist Yusra Khogali (http://www.yusrakhogali.com/) has been added as a performer and panelist for our February 4th “Contemporary Griot” film series event.

Featured artist and panelist Yusra Khogal

Featured artist and panelist Yusra Khogal

Khogali, a Kenyan born artist  from Sudan based in Toronto, began the work of spoken word art in the summer of 2009 and has, since then, performed for a wide variety of audiences. Khogali, who says that writing has always been an integral part of her identity, uses spoken word as a tool to challenge the status quo, various oppressive structures and the image of black women in particular.

Khogali’s performance will follow a screening and panel discussion of Roda Siad’s “In Between Stories,” a short documentary featuring four African Canadian artists from Toronto who share what it means to be a young African in today’s society.

Please visit our website in the coming week for additional information on our keynote speaker and final details on venue and event time.


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